3: 1996 The film, The Hunger, released in Turkey

7: 1611 Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the "Blood Countess," is tried for the murder of 650 young women.

14 1936 Rlease of Dracula's Daughter, in which Gloria Holden played cinema's first lesbian vampire.

17: 1892 Mercy Brown, New England's last vampire, dies at age 19

18: 1872 Seridan Le Fanu's novella, "Carmilla," is published. Carmilla becomes a model for many subsequent female vampires.

30 15 B.C. Horace writes of the Lamia (female vampires in Greek mythology) in his "Ars Poetica."


1793 Body of suspected vampire Rachel Harris Burton is exhumed in Manchester, Vermont 1896

Mary Elizabeth Braddon's short story, "Good Lady Ducayne" is published in The Strand

8: Cumberland (Rhode Island) Town Council gives Stepehn Staples permission to exhume the body of his daugher, Abigail,  "in order to Try an Experiment" to save his dying daugher, Lavina.

13: 1931 on this Friday the 13th, the film Dracula opened at the Roxy Theater in Manhattan


17: 1892 Bodies of Mercy Brown, her mother and sister exhumed in Exeter, Rhode Island


1819 John Polidori's "The Vampyre" first appears in London's New Monthly Magazine

2: 1971 Dark Shadows final espisode aired

5: 1926 Birth of Roger Corman, director & procuder of films, including Little Shop of Horrors (1960), Queen of Blood (1966), The Velvet Vampire (1971)

6: 1827 Nancy Young dies at age 19 in Foster, Rhode Island. In the summer, her body is exhumed and burned while ill family members breathe the smoke in an effort to stop a consumption plauge


3: 1892 Edwin, brother of suspected vampire Mercy Brown, dies at age 24

4: 1822 Article in Plymouth, Massachusetts newspaper describes exhuming corpse of suspected vampire, an "amiable girl of about 16 years of age," several years earlier

12: 1874 Shortly after Ruth Ellen Rose's death on this day, her father "dug up the body of his own daughter, and burned her heart, under the belief that she was wasting away the lives of other members of his family"

17: 1998 1st Dracula's Ball held in Philadelphia (

26: 1897 Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula, published.


3: 1983 The film, The Hunger, released in Sweden.

10: 1909 Initial account in Neues Wiener Journal, Vienna, about the burning of the castle of the father of a supposed vampiress by the local populace (see entry for September)

27: 1966 Dark Shadows debuts on ABC afternoon TV


7: 1802 Birth of Alexandre Dumas, author of vampiress short story, "The Pale Lady" (1848)

12: 1882 Birth of Tod Browning, film director of Mark of the Vampire (1935)

13: 1983 The film, The Hunger, released in France

31: 1914 Birth of Mario Bava, director of Black Sunday


21: 1614 Elzabeth Bathory dies


1909 The article, "An Authenticated Vampire Story," in the Occult Review, asserted that Countess Elga, whose father's castle was burned by the local populace, was the vampire (not her father) responsbile for the death of village's children (see entry for June 10)

5: 1810 Corpse of supposed vampire, 21-year-old Janey Denitt, exhumed in Barnstead, New Hampshire

18: 1964 Premier of The Addams Family on ABC television

27: 1909 The paly, "The Vampire" open at the Paragon Theatre in London. A woman who commits suicide returns as a vampire to prety upon her former lover.


6: 1962 Death of Tod Browning, film director of Mark of the Vampire (1935)

30: 1977 Premier of the full-length feature film, Halloween with the Addams Family


8: 1847 Birth of Bram Stoker

25: 1983 The film, The Hunger, released in Finland December 1900 F.

G. Loring's short story, "The Tomb of Sarah," published in Pall Mall magazine (London) 1997

Pam Keesy's Vamps published

12: St. Andrew's Feast Eve: Romanian Strigois attack Ortodox Christians

29: 1610 Elizabeth Bathory arrested

1560 - Elizabeth Bathory born

1797 - Goethe, "The Bride of Corinth" 1798-1800

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-7/25/1834) writes "Christabel" 1801

Robert Southey, "Thalaba" kills vampire inhabiting body of his deceased bride, Oneiza 1836

Theophile Gautier, "Clarimonde" or "The Beautiful Vampire" 1848

Alexander Dumas, "The Pale Lady" 1887

Anne Crawford, "A Mystery of the Campagna" 1964Fall,

The Munsters and The Addams Family open on TV 1969

First issue of Vampirella comic book